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Friday Service

I just came from our Church’es Friday Service. The worship, the fellowship and the Word was amazing.

Isn’t it great to attend not just on Sunday Service but also on mid-week services like these? I’d say let’s alll grab each chance we have to be fed with the Word of God and to fellowship with your brethren. Let’s all remember that these are two important things we need to grow in our spiritual lives. That’s aside from Prayer, Witnessing and Worship.

In your Church, do you have midweek Services and Prayer Meetings as well? I encourgae you to join them. I know it’s tiring especially if you’re working. I too feel tired but that’s why it’s called Sacrifice. Let’s sacrifice for ourselves and moreso for our Lord Jesus Christ. You’ll never know what amazing things will happen in your life if you do!

My prayer is for the Young Adults Ministry members (the ministry I’m heading) to attend and join me in this service as well. I also want them to be blessed and grow in the Lord.

God Bless you today!


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