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Mom and Dad are HERE

I was still working at my office and browsing some non-business related websites (my blog, LOL!), mom suddenly called me up to inform me they’re at my house! What!? It’s always a joy for me to have my family visit me here in Cebu. I never expected for them to come though there was a mention of it but there was never a confirmation.

So I rushed to my way home to finally catch up with them.

I’m just so glad they’re here again. So glad I can spend my time with them again. Read my letter to my mom on Mother’s day and you’ll know how I love her: here.

That makes me think, sometimes we can be very busy at work and busy making a living to be successful that we sometimes forget the very important people in our lives: our FAMILY! Our family who will always be there for us no matter what.

When was the last time you visited your family? When was the last time they visited you? A phone call, a text or an email are more enough to show that you remember. Go ahead, do it now!


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