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Bible Study

When I was still starting in the Christian Life, it’s through the one-on-one BIBLE Study that I had my BS leader that I was able to continue in the faith. It was that 1-hour session per week that had taught me and made me grow in my relationship with the Lord.

When the Lord ascended to heavens, he left us with the greatest commission to go and make disciples. Each one of us have been commissioned to really go and make somebody like you. Yes, you read it right I said “somebody like you”. In discipleship, the goal and main objective is for you to make somebody like you in the faith who can soon be a discipler as well just like you. I was blessed to have Pastors who were used by God to be my disciplers.  My 1-on-1 Bible Study sessions with them indeed made me a “discipler” just like them.

I just came from my 1-on-1 Bible Study sessions where this time I was the discipler. I am so happy and blessed that I was able to share what is inside my heart and knowing the thought that I am being used by God as a instrument to make one of his sheep grow in the faith. My prayer is for God to really make my disciplees grow in the Lord and for them be disciplers as well.

I also wan to thank my disciplers who had helped me, corrected me and taught me the Word of God. Thanks Kya Leo Abad and Kya Alvin Flores. I pray that you will be blessed all the more!

Take this time dear reader to praise the Lord for everyone who had been used by God to disciple you. Take this time as well to pray for the people who look up to you and the people whom you are training in this Family. Yes, let’s all be our brother’s keepers.

God Bless you!


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