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Visits Galore

Yipee! My Sisters (younger and older) plus my beautiful niece are coming over. As of this writing it is 12:19 pm (Philippine time) and they’ll be arriving around 2pm (Philippine time). That’s just 2 hours from now! My excitement is seeing them can no longer be contained. Especially that it’s the first time of my 1 year-old niece to come and visit me here in Cebu. It’s also the first time for my younger sister to board a plane. And first time for them to visit and “sleep” in my new bachelor’s pad. A lot of firsts and I am just happy that they’re coming over. I know I mentioned that my Mom and Dad are here so plus them, it’s a great FAMILY!

I really praise the Lord for my family. When everybody has problems and some families are broken, my family remains to be filled with Love and care for each other.

My prayer is really for God to move in each family this very minute and to fill them with overflowing love, understanding and care for each other. May each family be a foundation where God’s Word is taught and God’s love is felt.

How’s your family? Don’t forget to pray about them. God bless you!


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