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Blessing or Curse: A look into Reproductive Health Bill 5043

There is a problem.

“The present population of the country of 88.7 million has galloped from 60.7 million 17 years ago. This makes the Philippines the 12th most populous nation in the world today.The Filipino women’s fertility rate of 3.05% is at the upper bracket of 206 countries. With four babies born every minute, the population is expected to balloon to an alarming 160 million in 2038.” – Hon. Edcel Lagman

Now, how do we address it?

Let’s take a look into the Reproductive Health Bill which is presumably the solution to the problem.

The bill’s objective is to drive information on available Family Planning and birth control procedures internationally recognized by human rights standards among women and among Grade 5 to 4th year high school students (dependent on age-appropriateness) and to ensure that these procedures are readily accessible in family based-hospitals. It also specifies that the bill is all about giving women a choice whether they want to apply the suggested procedures specified by the bill in being responsible and well-informed parents as far as birth control is concern.

Examples of the procedures the bill has stated are as follows:

tubal ligation

– (informally known as getting one’s “tubes tied”) is a permanent form of female sterilization, in which the fallopian tubes are severed and sealed or “pinched shut”, in order to prevent fertilization


– is a minor surgical procedure wherein the vasa deferentia of a man are severed, and then tied or sealed in a manner such to prevent sperm from entering the seminal steam (ejaculate).


At the end of the day, the bill sees parents being responsible in birth spacing and Family Planning and thereby reducing population growth for our country. We can say the END result is relatively good. But do means justify the end?

The church (CBCP specifically) don’t think so. There’s a common ground: solution to the problem but CBCP stands with their hard-line position in opposing the bill.

Fr. Mervin Castro, CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life executive secretary stressed the Church, all throughout these times, has been constant in pushing for the respect of human life and to the dignity of the family. “This means that any artificial means, to control human body especially in its fertility is contrary to the Gospel and this is not just invented by the church”. (Source: www.cbcpnews.com)

The church as well had continued driving information on the natural way of Family Planning through Family and Life Advocate.

Is the BILL then a blessing or a curse?

Personally, it is a curse to our Christian nation. If there’s a way to reach the same END RESULT with Godly, humanitarian and natural means then why go the wrong way.

What needs to be done instead is reinforcement, additional information drive, and proper education on the natural means for these procedures to be more effective and efficient ways to control population growth.

Let’s continue to go onwards and bring this country to success and prosperity without forsaking our Christian values.

God bless the Philippines!


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