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Termination Salvation: A Must Watch?

Hmmm it’s better late than never. *sigh* with my goal not watch a movie alone again, I really waited until a while ago to watch Terminator Salvation. At last my roommate is now available and free from his duties as a boyfriend(lol!). Anyway we watched it and I LOVE IT and yes the MOVIE is a must watch!

Just a caution, I really think one must know the background of the story before watching for you to understand and better appreciate. If not you won’t know Kyle Reese or John Connor being prophesied the Savior. All these had been explained in the previous 3 films. For thos who haven’t seen it though, don’t worry I think you’d still enjoy it but you just need forego some  facts. lol!

I started noticing Christian Bale from The Dark Knight. Just noticed because I had my full attention in Heath Ledger who was amazing and very good at portraying The Joker. I was surprised that in this movie, it follow the same “story”. Why? Because even though he’s John Connor, I think Marcus (played by Sam Worthington) played a much bigger role. He in fact had more action and dramatic scenes than him. *sigh* I don’t want to conclude he’s just not good enough to be a “sole” start for a movie. Don’t take me wrong he’s good in what he does and in fact he remains to be noticeable.

So for those who haven’t seen it yet, watch it now! It’s much better to watch in a movie house with all the sound effects and very wide screen. I’m not sure if this is available in 3D but if it is then much much better.

Lastly, I recommend it and I’m giving it High 4 (instead of High5).


2 Responses to “Termination Salvation: A Must Watch?”

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