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My Friend aL

My friend aL 🙂 celebrated his 30th Birthday yesterday. Nothing fancy, nothing anything just purely greetings, wishes, smiles and a very delicious cake he prepared for everyone to enjoy.

This friend of mine had played a very important part in my carreer life. He’s one of those people who encouraged me to set a goal, to plan how to reach that goal and to do everything (absolutely) to reach the goal. I could have just resigned and let go but he gave (in his own way) HOPE to continue and move on. With out him, maybe I’m not a supervisor in the company where we are bot working.

And I really wish him a lot of good things this year. I pray that more lessons be learned, more challenges and trials be conquered and more happiness, victories, and successes to enjoy!

We were chatting after a very delicious lunch, he shared to me what he’s thankful and what he has learned for the last three decades of his life.

He had some things to change and things to thank for. Some responses somewhat he regrets from doing, some also he’s really proud of.

One of the things he’s really thanking for is his friends (that includes me!) saying without his friends, work would be tiresome and boring. That really touched me. I mean not just because he treats me as a friend and I’m special but most importantly because I feel the same way.

I treasure my friends and I consider them very important in my life. We have a group in our company we call “Efrens”, the slang way of saying ‘My Friend”. We are 6 supervisors in the company who laughs together, encourages one another even if unspoken and who “backbites” the managers at times. lol!

Yes they are the my treasures and I love them from the heart. Thanks aL for being a model and for being an inspiration to me. May God bless you always.


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